LEGO EDUCATION is a LEGO educational program that has been actively introduced into the education system of many countries around the world.

This program contributes to the development of students’ motor, mathematical, programming, engineering and creative decision-making skills.

In 2016, Lego educational programs were introduced in Tbilisi Archimedes School. Students were introduced to the basics of robotics and programming.

The LEGO Education program includes a variety of buildable robot kits designed for grade-level students. These are: WEDO 2.0, EV3 and SPIKE.

LEGO WEDO 2.0 is designed for elementary grades and focuses on visual and motor skills. Visually attractive and functionally interesting robots for primary level students are being built, the driving program of which is controlled by the students.

LEGO Mindstorm – EV3 – is a much more multifunctional complex, which combines various types of sensors and motors. It is designed for elementary and middle school students. The program, which is set by the students themselves, can orientate in space and time, recognize colors, as well as perform versatile movements. With the EV3 kit, functional and sophisticated models are built, both motorically and sensorially.

LEGO Education – SPIKE – This model is an improved version of the EV3. Several sensors are built into its main software block, which allows to save space.

In 2021, the regional finals of robotics were held in Georgia for the first time, where Tbilisi Archimedes School was presented with 2 teams. Both teams took first and second place.



LEGO Mindstorm – EV3


LEGO Education – SPIKE